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LavaRnd unmagnified tally statistics

The following are unmagnified tally statistics pool of 4000k bytes of LavaRnd data.

See the magnified LavaRnd tally statistics for details.

The following movies show how the 4 and 8 bit tally statistics have changed over the last 24 hours. Because the graphs are unmagnified, the line will appear almost to completely flat:
unmagnified 4 bit stat movie unmagnified 8 bit stat movie

The following images show the most recent unmagnified 4 and 8 bit tally statistics:

unmagnified 4 bit stat current tally unmagnified 8 bit stat current tally

The following shows how the count of 1 bits has changed over the last 24 hours (100 frames):

unmagnified count of 1 bits over entire day

The unmagnified view is rather boring because LavaRnd random numbers are uniform. That is, LavaRnd random numbers are well and evenly distributed.

You can see a magnified view of this same data which will better show the small, random deviations from the mean.

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